Quentin Franchi

Freelance Unity, C#, Java Developer

Professional tool

Twitch bot and a Minecraft plugin

My work on this mission was to create a Minecraft plugin and a Twitch bot for the Minecraft_TTV.

About this project

The plugin made in Java consisted in making a bank of special objects for each player as well as a user interface with the Inventory template of the game to facilitate access and navigation to this feature.

The Twitch bot is a bot made in Node.js consisted in adding features on a Twitch string.
This bot also needed to know when a player is connected on the Twitch chain and at the same time on one of the Minecraft servers.

And to make this link, we had to go through a website to link a Twitch account to a nickname of a connected Minecraft account with an easy to use interface.

Which was quite rewarding because I hadn't done Node.js for a professional before.


Skills used on Twitch bot and a Minecraft plugin.