Quentin Franchi

Freelance Unity, C#, Java Developer

Professional video game

The Vamp

Adult Visual Novel made for Mushi.

About this project

My work on this project consisted in creating all the systems of a Visual Novel in WebGL that could be adapted on other platforms.

The developed systems are the following:

  • User Interface.
  • Sounds and music.
  • Backup of game data.
  • Flexible event-driven dialog (e.g. display text, play sound, change background, camera shake effect and much more ...).
  • Visualization tool for a dialog on Unity.
  • Items to unlock in game.

This allowed me to become familiar with WebGL and to improve my project management and the approach I had to have to design and program flexible and modifiable systems in the future.


Skills used on The Vamp.


Tools used on The Vamp.